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  Sevenhills  Sightseeing



We are proud to be the first travel agent offering a new style on the orientation tours of İstanbul for our visitors having less time in the city or the ones who like to learn more about it. We realize our tours without audio guides either double deckers but with best personal service. We added some less known sights of city by foreigners and away from the main tourist attraction to satisfy our clients. Our panoramic tours are not much different than others but are the CHEAPEST city tours in Istanbul; in order to get this lower price we do not offer lunch and we do not have interior visits. In short you will pay cheaper but stil see many places and have relaxing stops outdoors.

Panoramic Tour P1   Half Day Morning Tour


Drive along the narrow streets of the old city for orientation without  interior visits. Some   of the sights seen are Sultanahmet, Saint Sophia, Blue Mosque, Roman Hippodrome, Kumkapı, Beyazit Mosque, Theodosian Forum, İstanbul University, Süleymaniye Mosque, Aquaduct of Valens, Jesus the Pontacrator Church, St.John Studious Basilica, Yedikule Forts, City Walls, Golden Gate, Anemas Dungeons, Golden Horn, Old Jewish Quarter Balat, Iron Church, Greek Orthodox Patriarch, Orient Express Train Station, Burned Column.

Panoramic Tour P2    Half Day Afternoon Tour


Drive on both continents to see modern Istanbul where local people live,  featuring both Europe and Asia.A full orientation to the city, without interior visits. Eminönü Pier, Atatürk Bridge, Haliç Shipyard, Galata Tower, Pera Palace Hotel, İstiklal Street, Taksim Square, Nişantaşı, Rumeli Street, Bosphorus Bridge, Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar, Maiden’s Tower, Selimiye Barracks, Karacaahmet Cemetery, Capitol Shopping Mall, Beşiktaş, Dolmabahçe Palace, Galata Bridge are some of the sights seen along the drive.  

Panoramic Tour P3    Full Day Tour

Combination of P.1 and P.2 with lunch break.


Panoramic Tour P4    Full Day Tour


A complete orientation tour in the city featuring:

SÜLEYMANIYE MOSQUE   The mosque of Soliman the Magnificent built in 1557 by Sinan, remarked by the four minarets is still the largest mosque in İstanbul in service.

RUSTEMPAŞA MOSQUE   A small mosque by Sinan built for the name of the Grand Vezir Rüstem Pasha famous with its 16th century İznik tiles.

MINI CRUISE  A short regular ferry trip on the Golden Horn to see both old and modern sights between Eminönü and Eyüp Sultan.

EYÜP QUARTER A typical neighborhood best representing conservative part of İstanbul with its local market selling religious souvenirs for the visitors of the holy mosque of Eyüp dedicated to the memory of Prophet Mohammed's host in Medine City and his tomb.

PIERRE LOTI HILL Wonderful view of Golden Horn and Istanbul; named after French author Pierre Loti (1850-1923) who wrote his poems about Istanbul there.

MINIATURK Exhibiting models of more than 100 antique and modern architectural works from Turkey on the Golden Horn coast.

FATİH SHOPPING STREET Built around the mosque of the Conqueror Sultan Mehmet now houses depatments stores of traditional textile products and restaurants.

Lunch break

İSTİKLAL STREET Grand Rue of Pera in the heart of downtown is still the center of entertainements and commerce of the modern city for more than 100 years.

YILDIZ ROYAL GARDENS The gardens of imperial palaces is now a public parc housing two beautiful kiosques from 19th Century.

ORTAKÖY On the Bosphorus shoreline Ortaköy is one of the best points watching Asian side, often chosen by young citizens of İstanbul to have a glass of tea on the cafeshops.

Panoramic Tour P5    Full Day Tour

Another full day of leisure on the Bosphorus to let you see:

EGYPTIAN BAZAAR  Old spice market from 17th century where you can find Turkish delight, saffron and very cheap caviar

BOSPHORUS CRUISE A traditional excursion by boat along the waterway seperating Europe and Asia.The shore is lined with old wooden villas, palaces of marble, fortresses, and small fishing villages.

ANADOLU KAVAĞI Fishermen village situated near the end of the Bosphorus known with fish restaurants and Ottoman Forteresse watching entrances from Black Sea.    

 Lunch break

BEYKOZ Typical town with its old wooden houses and spring water on the Asian coastal drive of the Bosphorus

ÇAMLICA HILL The highest point in İstanbul where you can rest and admire the magnificent panorama of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

ÜSKÜDAR Old central square of Asian part of İstanbul

MAIDEN’S TOWER Lighthouse on the beginning of the Bosphorus having best view of the old İstanbul.

FENERBAHÇE Green cape and bay housing a marina and cafeterias offering the panorama of Princes’ Islands on the Marmara Sea.

BAĞDAT STREET Boulevard of the Asian İstanbul known as the residence of upper class İstanbul citizens and boutiques.

BOSPHORUS BRIDGE Chance to drive from one continent (ASIA) to another (EUROPE)

Panoramic Tour P6    Full Day Tour


GRAND BAZAAR In this labyrinth of streets and passages are more then 4,000 shops with each trade having its own area: the goldsmiths' street, the carpet sellers, Turkish arts and crafts, such as handpainted ceramic plates, hand-honed copperware, brassware and trays, water ewers, onyx-ware and meerschaum pipes.

STREET MARKET Daily street market of the day where you will mostly find fresh fruits, kitchen utensils and some cheap clothes.

AKMERKEZ One of the largest modern shopping malls of İstanbul.

MERTER District of textile wholesellers offering sales everyday.

KAZLIÇEŞME Known as the  area leather factories by citizens Kazliçeşme stil keeps its leather sale stores eventhought factories already moved out of the city.

BEDESTEN exhibits the traditional silk weaving courses, carpet weaving girls, authorised by the Ministry of National Education to inform our guests about famous Turkish Rugs

OLIVIUM New shopping mall housing mostly outlet stores of well known local brands.

We kindly request our guest to be ready 10 minutes before departure time. Tour fees include transportation, guide, entrance fees and meals as mentioned; exclude drinks, extra fees in some museums and tips.

 50% discount for children below the age of 7. Panoramic tours start at 10 a.m. morning, tours continue up  to 1 p.m.; panoramic afternoon tours start at 2.p.m.,  all tours  finish at 6 p.m.


tour number

price per person

Tours  P1 , P2

 EURO 15

Tours  P3 , P5

 EURO 30

Tours  P4 , P6

 EURO 25